Mimas Music Festival
International Competition

International Competition

International Competition

Dear Musician our international competition is organized for all instruments and for all ages.

We want to support young musicians by developing their career with important experiences: Scholarships, Auditions, Concerts Tour, Professional Recording, Workshops and Official Certificates.

The evaluation of the participants is online, the beautiful island of Procida (Italy), Capital of Italian Culture 2022 will welcome the winners gala of the Mimas Competition.

Awards over € 10.000 – Entries Are Limited.


Please choose your Discipline-Age Category and send us the links with your performances uploaded to one Youtube. 

    • The program is free for all disciplines 
    • You can send previously recorded performances
    • You can send separate links

We will accept only 70 subscribers for each Age Category


Let’s dream together!


      • PIANO
      • STRINGS (Violin – Viola – Cello – Double Bass – Harp – Guitar)
      • WIND (Flute – Oboe – Clarinet – Bassoon – Trumpet – French Horn – Trombone – Euphonium – Tuba – Accordion – Saxophone)



Age CategoryAgesProgram MaximumFee
Junior A7 and under10 Min€ 15,00
Junior B8-1010 Min€ 20,00
Junior C11-1312 Min€ 25,00
Junior D14-1615 Min€ 30,00
Young17-2020 Min€ 35,00
Virtuoso21-3530 Min€ 40,00
Professional35 and older(no age limit)40 Min€ 45,00


Age CategoryAgeProgram MaximumFee
Young16-1910 Min€ 25,00
Virtuoso20-3315 Min€ 30,00
Professional34 and older (no age limit)20 Min€ 35,00


Ensembles of ALL ages Program maximum 30 minutes

Fee: €20 for musician of ensemble


  • For each age categories will be announced the top 20 and the winners from 6th to 1st prize. 
  • The winners for each age categories will win  Concert in Italy and Europe, Scholarship for Mimas Festival and Accademia Musicale Europea, Offical Certificate, Online Concert for NOMEA (we have over 200.000 views).
  • Each Discipline will have an absolute winner chosen among the 1st prize of the respective age categories. They will win the scholarship of € 500, European Tour, Scholarship for Mimas Festival . Online Concert Mimas Talent. Direct access to the final round of the Nomea Competition, Neapolitan Masters Competition and Festival Thalberg.
  • The absolute winners will perform in the winners gala on the wonderful island of Procida in 2022 during the Mimas Music Festival, the official year in which it will be the Capital of Italian Culture.
  • The best performer of the winners gala will win the scholarship of € 1000 and Concert in Tirana (Albania) offered by HC Welth. 
  • All applicants and Teachers will receive the official certificate from Mimas Competition of the Capital of Italian Culture.
  • There are special prizes for all categories, discover them at the bottom of the page.

Special Prizes

      • Best performance of a work of Baroque Composer
      • Best performance of a work of Classical Composer
      • Best performance of a work of Romantic Composer
      • Best performance of a work of Contemporary Composer
      • Best performance of Virtuoso Etude
      • Best performance of Virtuoso Composition
      • Best African Musician
      • Best Asian Musician
      • Best European Musician
      • Best North American Musician
      • Best South American Musician
      • Best Australian Musician
      • Best LCM Student
      • Best LCM School 
      • Best LCM  Teacher 
      • Best Music Teacher (for each Discipline)

It is awarded to teachers with the most outstanding students of the competition.